Researching about
autonomous technology

Design Strategist



Build A Brand Platform
For An Autonomous Truck Company

While I was mostly involved in the early stages of this project (mostly researching and brainstorming) I've learned a lot about the role of autonomous technology in our society. 

How do we plan a brand and a product experience
with automation as friend, not as foe?

Who, Why, What, Where, How?

With Reid Evans and Gadi Amit, we organized a workshop with the client to understand their vision, their values and how do they wanted their technology to be perceived. We immersed ourselves into researching about competitors, design language, archetypes and the world of trucks. For once, the power of the brain would be more important than horsepower. How do you communicate this concept through design?


Brain power VS horsepower

Branding Autonomous


The design strategy informed the brand archetype , the brand values and the design aesthetic.

Jon Patterson was in charge of designing the brand identity of Otto. For more information, you can check the design work realized at New Deal Design here.



Who, Where, When

Start-up Otto. 
New Deal Design, San Francisco, 2015


Reid Evans, Jaeha Yoo, Scott Thibeault, Erik Askin,
Jon Patterson, Gadi Amit, Alexia Mathieu,

What I Did

Cultural research, Competitor research
Workshop with client, Design research