I’m a design strategist who
believes in a more poetic future
between people & technology. 


I specialize in designing forward-thinking brands & in strategy for digital products.

For the past 4 years, I helped launch connected products for startups in San Francisco, built new forms of storytelling for brands and worked on international campaigns at Crispin Porter+Bogusky. I always have my eyes on emerging behaviors, cultural trends and new technologies.

I don’t build future scenarios to predict how we will use technology tomorrow – I conceptualize the future to create a more human and emotional relationship with technology today. My experience can be applied to branding projects, tech-product design, strategy and future-prototyping. 


Selected Work


What I Do


Brand Platform

Defining your brand promise through every physical and digital aspects of your business: from key vocabulary, personality, visuals, experiences to value proposition and positioning statement. 


Future Scenario

Using future-thinking to define
and tackle tomorrow's big challenges.
Future scenarios is a thought provoking process that allows you to spot & embrace opportunities for your brand in the next 5-10 years. 


Design Strategy

Imagining new form factors and interactions by translating your brand values into digital/physical product experience, key moments and services. 


Digital Content Strategy

Telling an inspiring and magical story across social media platforms aligned with your brand goals, values and message. 


Cultural research

Getting to know better your audience, having a new point of view on culture or a comprehensive understanding of new technologies. This allows you to identify unique opportunities for your brand.


Future Prototyping

I love imagining new alternatives for the future. If you have a project about talking robots, biotech or any provoking ideas, let's collaborate!