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Turkish Airlines

Spot The Opportunities Across
The Customer Journey

Turkish airlines’ big promise is to widen people’s world view. After analyzing their brand book, their digital experience and in-flight experience, the team mapped the typical customer journey. My role was to apply their brand promise to touch-points across the customer journey. Each touchpoint was an opportunity to transform a typical moment into a surprising and delightful experience.

These creative ideas were presented to Turkish Airlines for an innovation workshop.


Transform Touch-points Into
Tangible Experiences

While working with the customer journey helped us create interesting ideas, I also wanted to find opportunities beyond it. After talking with Turkish Airlines account managers, I realized that an airlines biggest challenges is triggering people to schedule a trip. I decided to look far before and far after the customer typical journey to find hidden opportunities for Turkish Airlines. This approach allowed me to expand the spectrum of interventions for Turkish Airlines in people’s lives and in culture.

Find hidden opportunities

Organize An Innovation Workshop

With the strategy team at CP+B, I helped organize and conduct an innovation workshop for Dominos’ leadership. The aim was to show Dominos' how they could enrich their brand authentically by collaborating with people daily. To do that, we presented big cultural trends, key customer profiles and questions about new roles Dominos’ products could have in culture.


Take inspiration from people’s habits & dreams

Keep The Brand Story
Coherent And Meaningful

When working at CP+B London, everyday I was assisting the Milka planning team. I was in charge of building trends, understanding competition and assisting the creative dept. with ideas .Above all, my role was also to help move forward Milka’s mission: “Dare to be tender”. How does Milka’s mission come alive across a variety of product? What does it mean in a highly digital society? What will it look like in 5 years from now? I helped answered these questions through various research reports and creative ideas.



Define The Brand Story Through Actions

One of my favorite thing to do is to connect opposite concepts and experiement with them. For a workshop with Milka, I had to look at the cultures of Europe and spot related behaviors. How do people spread tenderness and love today? This helped me define what an act of tenderness is and the kind of experiences I could create from them. By looking at art, emerging behaviors and digital trends, I built a series of experience that would show Milka the wide spectrum of
how to express their tagline “Dare to be tender”.


Who, Where, When

Crispin Porter + Bogusky
London & Boulder, 2012-2014


Alexia Mathieu, Wojtek Szumowski, Monique Grimord, Courtney Loveman, Nimi Raja, Jonathan Brown, Noel Franus, Gavin May, Ruth Chadwick, Sara Plavsic, Monique Grimord

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Brand immersion workshop with client, cultural research, competitor research, leading focus group , market positioning, brand values definition, brand archetype definition, visual territories research, creative ideas