Design Strategist


How do we empower people to feel comfortable in their smart homes and trust their connected devices?



Rethinking how we buy a
home in the digital age

Design Strategist
User research & service design



Build A Brand & A Service Strategy For A Mobile First Real Estate Company

This project was a great learning experience. I had the opportunity to closely collaborate with the team of UX designers. I learned how to build a service strategy and how to create a brand strategy that would inform a digital first real estate experience. 

I was mostly involved at the beginning of the process, doing research, creating the brand platform with Reid Evans and brainstorming for design experience ideas. 

What if we could buy a home with our mobile phones?

Research About Culture & People

Reali is a digital, mobile first, real estate marketplace. To build the brand platform and the service strategy we spent time defining the new expectations of the digital generation when it comes to buying a home. The mobile phone was the pivotal tool that would allow to give people control, transparency and hopefully some fun while looking for their dream house. 


Transparency, fairness, empowerment

Brainstorm About The User Experience

This part was the most interesting as it was about collaborating with the UX team to come up with ideas about the digital experience and beyond. The strategy and the archetype helped guide the ideas and the final look. 



The phone as a real estate agent

Define Design Goals To Inspire
The Experience

While I was not involved in the design part, I defined design principles that were used as a foundation for the design and UX experience development. You can discover more about the design process here



Who, Where, When

New Deal Design, San Francisco, 2015


Reid Evans, Jennifer Phannguyen, Timmy Chau, Erica Jack, Patrick Drake, Jaeha Yoo, Jon Patterson, Gadi Amit, Alexia Mathieu

What I Did

Cultural research, competitor research, brand values definition, service strategy research, user research, design principles definition, experience research