Prototyping new forms of
communication with cars

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A Friendly Way To Communicate

A brand for car diagnostics asked to Room For More Possibilities to imagine a friendly way to communicate between drivers, their service and their cars. 

What if the interface of the connected car
uses emotive power of eye expressions?

Emotional Safety

From our research we found that connected cars provide a sense of security on the road, but the interface of these technologies is passive and trapped in an emergency button experience metaphor. We needed to create an experience that would be able to monitor the car status while also addressing our need for emotional safety.


Vemoji is a driving companion, emotional engine, continuously linking us to the intelligence of connected cars.

Find The Right Language

Our aim was to develop an easy and friendly language between people and their connected cars. After doing some testing, quick prototypes and some user flow tests, we chose the simplest and most informative method of communicating: eyes. These friendly cues provide to the driver an instant and continuous feedback from his/her connected car.

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An emotional wearable technology for the car

Eye Contact

Vemoji is placed under the rear view mirror or the car dashboard so the driver can always make rapid “eye contact” with their cars. This way drivers could interact with their car in an intuitive and safe way.




Who, Where, When

Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, 2014


Alexia Mathieu, Wojtek Szumowski, Monique Grimord

What I Did

Cultural research, Design research Invention strategy, Helped with the design and user flows