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How do we empower people to feel comfortable in their smart homes and trust their connected devices?


Room For More Possibilities

Creating a storytelling department
at Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Design strategist



Build A storytelling Department
Inside An Advertising Agency

I was asked to move from the CP+B London office to the Boulder office to start a new dept: Room for More Possibilities. My experience in the London office, as a Junior Strategist, allowed me to map the conventions of advertising and find ways to challenge them with new storytelling forms. The role of Room For More Possibilities was to generate ideas, to experiment and push forward CP+B’s creative vision.

What if we re-imagine what the connection between technology and our world could be?

Create New Forms Of
Storytelling For Brands 

We created inventions for brands. As an invention design team, we worked on global pitches, brand innovation workshops and advertising campaigns. Our main clients were Milka, Dominos Pizza, Infiniti,, Kraft food and Turkish Airlines. The purpose of our inventions was to translate brands’ mission into real life experiences and products that would unlock people’s imagination.

What Did We Do?

We need more poetic technology because nobody wants to live an ordinary life

Mix Design Thinking With
Technological Imagination

Our team was a mix of designers, strategists and creative technologists. Our workspace was used as collaborative space inside of CP+B. It was a place where our co-workers would often drop by. We helped them find new ideas and some fresh inspiration for their current projects. In addition, we put up posters around the agency to spark creative debates and organized CP+B’S Hackfest festival.

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What Was Our Process?


We need to speculate to disrupt the present, imagine how things could be and make room for more possibilities

What Was
My Role?

Keep The Magic Alive &
Speculate About The Future

As a co-founder, my role was to build our philosophy, mentor our interns and direct creative ideas. While I was managing our team, my focus was about proposing another vision of the future where our relationship with technology can be more magical, human and surprising.


One example of the many (many) inventions we created at CP+B

What If Sound Could Bring
Magic To Travel Moments?

We had to give a meaningful role to in one of the most emotionally rewarding parts of travel: Exploring. But how? - knowing that when we explore we spend most of our time taking pictures with our smartphones and never look at them again...

The Sound Capsule inspires a new and simple human gesture: sound catching. It invites us to recognize in a new way moments and mark them as special. Sound Capsule is an analog object that uses the poetic potential of technology and evocative power of sound.

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Sound Capsule

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Who, Where, When

Clients: Dominos,, Kraft Food among many more
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, 2013 -2015


Alexia Mathieu, Wojtek Szumowski, Monique Grimord, Sara Plavsic, Azury Lin, Vitor Freire, Jess Yung


Co-created the department philosophy, co-directed the department development, in charge of the design strategy , in charge of mentoring interns, supervised several prototyping projects, art directed several projects