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Create A Series Of Prototypes

Room For More Possibilities was in charge of proposing a new experience of driving. Our series of prototypes would help support creative ideas for a global car pitch.  We decided to build a collection of prototypes that would create new relationships between people and their cars.

At the end, our series of prototypes inspired the creative team to enrich their campaign. They also contributed largely into winning the pitch.

Goosebumps VS automatic driving

Research About Luxury & Technology

Once the brief was set, we started looking at the digital culture of driving and luxury experiences. We realized that the futuristic experiences felt sterile. Where did the excitement of driving go? Why do digital interfaces had to take away the sensory pleasure of driving? In other words, how can we bring back “goosebumps” into premium driving experiences? We found our idea: objects that would show a future where the driving performance is measured by physical and emotional reactions and not performances.



define the design metaphor

Design metaphors unify the team around one feeling, one concept. Our metaphor was: 6th sense technology. We wanted to use technology to amplify the sensorial experience of driving. The driver and the car would learn from each other and collaborate. Our collection of invention give people access to a more imaginative and hyper-sensorial interpretation of driving. You’ll find below a selection of our inventions that we presented to the final pitch day.



photo 2[6].JPG

Next-Gen Driving Gloves

Most of future driving experiences were focusing on enhancing the windshield. We wanted to create tangible luxury accessories that would highlight the special relationship drivers have with their car. We used the iconic driving gloves and added a digital accent to them.

The Next-Gen Driving Gloves harvest the extra sensory energy from your drive to mark those powerful moments of experiencing something beyond ordinary. They record your performance according to your emotional level while you drive.


Goosebumps to escape the ordinary

Heartbeat Ignition

Every luxury experience has a signature. It can be a scent, a logo, a refined material...we wanted to invent a new one. Once again, we wanted to create a special bond between the driver and their Infiniti. We thought about the driver’s heartbeat. Using this as a signature would transform every drive into a personal experience.

By measuring the driver’s pulse, every drive starts with an audible heartbeat that puts the driver and car in synch with the very first grip of the steering wheel.


A bonding sonic experience

Who, Where, When

Global pitch for a car account
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, 2014


Alexia Mathieu, Wojtek Szumowski, Monique Grimord


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