De Uria

Building an
eco-conscious brand

Brand Strategist
Copywriter EN/FR
Art Director



Build A Brand Platform That Brings
Sustainability And Luxury Together

De Uria is a project I realized as a freelancer in Geneva. The challenge was to build a brand that would communicate the hard work that goes behind producing 100% organic luxury products while inspiring people to lead eco-conscious lives. 

How could we enable people to lead
eco-conscious lives while enjoying luxury products?

What Does It Mean To Be
A 100% Organic Brand Today?

To ground De Uria into today's culture, I wanted to understand how an eco-conscious brand should talk and behave. The aim was to differentiate De Uria from green washing brands.

What came from my research are the following points:

-Translate your values into key actions.
-Inspire people while educating them.
-Using sustainability's as a design foundation
 to redefine traditional luxury's aesthetic. 

These research allowed me to define De Uria's values and key actions.


Inspiring people to make eco-conscious
choices in their everyday life.

Define Brand's Values & Actions

Defining the right values for De Uria was key as they would guide De Uria's to truly make a positive impact (as tiny as it could be) on the planet. Going beyond sustainability while building the brand platform was also key, so De Uria could have room to grow into new territories in the future. 



Home essentials that care about you,
your mind and the planet.

Define A Design Direction:
Less Is More...Energy!

To be in harmony with De Uria's values, the design direction had to be simple yet refreshing. To encapsulate this contrast, I called the design direction: "Less is! It is about letting go of what is polluting us (mentally and physically) to make room for a simpler way of life more in tune with our planet and wellbeing. 

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Who, Where, When

De Uria, Geneva, 2016/2017
Freelance project


Alexia Mathieu, Corinne Sporrer, Tatiana Giudici

What I Did

Cultural research, Competitor research Market positioning, Brand values definition Brand archetype definition, Brand platform, Art Direction, Copywriting (EN/FR)