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Day Two

Introducing the
science of microbiomes

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Revealing The
world Of Microbiomes

The startup Day Two had one goal: to help people feel better about their nutrition and their bodies. While there are countless diet apps already doing this, Day Two had a secret ingredient: our microbiomes. Their product was a personalized diet based on each person microbiomes.

How can we communicate to the world the science of microbiome and its impact on our health?

Find The True Brand Purpose

To understand the brand’s goals and values, we organized a brand ideation workshop with Day Two’s founders. We uncovered their concerns, dreams and vision. Once I collected Day Two’s vision, I organized our findings into key pillars for the brand and design principles to inform the user experience. I also noted our key challenges: How do you explain the complex science of microbiomes? How do you present health data in an enticing way? How is Day Two’s service is going to fit in today’s culture?


A personal nutrition plan as a positioning

Define The Market Opportunity

After doing research I concluded that people were looking for a
personal and preventive way of managing their health. However, most of the competitors had a reactive approach. I had to define what Day Two will bring to the market: the idea of long-term personalized nutrition plan. This personalized nutrition plan will help people prevent and cultivate their health habits by bringing together activities, food and body insights.Now, that the brand focus is defined how does a personalized nutrition plan company could look and feel like?



Guts to grow!

Define The Brand Personality

To tell a coherent brand story the brand identity has to align with its vision. What we were building was new: Day Two was using science to flip preconceived notions about diet. We needed a brand personality that would inspire to change the world into a healthier place. We decided that the archetype of the Marverick would help bring this commitment to life. From this archetype, we write an entire brand platform for the startup including a brand experience, a brand positioning, their name (Day Two) and their tagline: Guts to Grow!



Align Brand’s Values
With A Visual Territory

After setting up the brand platform for Day Two, we shifted to visual research. Which visual language could communicate the mysterious world of microbiomes ? I created several visual territories to help the graphic designer imagine Day Two’s unique look and feel. The result was an interactive logo with a bit of fuzziness, just like microbiomes in our guts. The playful tone of the logo gives Day Two’s science an approachable and inviting feel.


Who, Where, When

Start-up Day Two
New Deal Design, San Francisco, 2015


Alexia Mathieu, Reid Evans, Jaeha Yoo,
Jon Patterson, Gadi Amit


Brand ideation workshop with client, cultural research, competitor research, lead focus group, market positioning, brand values definition, brand archetype definition, visual territories research, service design